Fit and Healthy

I was not a big fan of being fit and healthy. I barely had regular exercise. I was bad at every sport so i didn’t do any. It was just not our culture! Well, just me actually. I eat almost everything (good food you know, and halal for my belief). When i went to Uni in New Zealand, I rent a room 35 minutes walking or 10 minutes buy bus. So instead of spending money on only a very short trip, I walked. it was fun and I enjoyed it ( I think it was the time when have a healthy life style get in my sense ). I started eating healthy food, less sugar, less oil or that kind of things. Still, I didn’t exercise tho.

After I have my second baby, I started having a fit and healthier life. A lot of healthy and homemade food should be eaten instead of junk and store-bought food. I started PLANNING exercising 30 minutes a day. sometimes not exactly 30 minutes ( my son always cries when I run, he thinks it’s scary for me to run on my own. But it’s ok if I run to chase him or to be chased ).

I should have a picture here, but I cant find it at the moment. Be back for that!


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