Go Green – The Recycling People

This photo is taken from this site http://www.treklens.com/gallery/photo274931.htm Image

In Indonesia, the number third most populated country, recycle is not the word that used in daily basic when people throw rubbish away. In every household, mostly, there is only one rubbish bin. people throw everything in one bin. Bottles, plastics, papers, left over food, raw meat etc. Some people take their garbage to the landfills by garbage truck or by themselves (there are still so many areas that do not have garbage trucks to collect the garbage), some burn it in their own back yard and some just trow it away in the river, beach, or any wasteland near their homes.

In big cities where more rubbish can be found, there are recycling people or in Indonesian they are called pemulung (first pic). They collect recycled rubbish from landfills or rubbish on the road or any places where they can find recycled rubbish. They sell the recycle rubbish for very cheap cost to a bookie or to recycled industry. Most of the recycled people are living in very poor condition. most of us see them (the recycling people) as dirty people or they have negative connotation. It is because people here still do not know how important it is to recycled our rubbish. Most of us still do not know that the recycling people help save our city, our country, from piles of rubbish. They, the recycling people are heroes for our environment, keep the city clean, make us can breath in the fresh air (away from the rubbish smell) and most of all, we can live a healthy life. so we can see how good this beautiful world is.


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