Life is a Lesson – Lesson from Bees

When i was small, my brother, who at that time was in Senior high gave a speech in public about life. The speech was originally from one of Indonesian great Islamic speaker. Zainuddin MZ. Yet, the most important thing is, its not who says it, but what he says.

There are so many lessons that we can learn from bees.

First, bees gather pollen. Only pollen, nothing else. Bees know what they need are pollens. It means, we as humans, should take only what we need, we don’t take what not ours.

Second, Bees give benefit to people by producing honey. Honey is good for health. so, we as humans, should be useful for others.

Third, bees do not destroy things. everywhere they go or stand, there is not a single limb breaks. even when they make a hive on our house, nothing gets broken. We should keep peace, everywhere we go in any kind of situation.

Fourth, bees have pride. They wont sting if we don’t bother them. Yet once they are bothered, they are ready to chase you wherever you go. So, we should take care of our self and be nice to others.


(picture taken from wikipedia).


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