Don’t Hold Onto It.


I have been trying to find some inspiration for my blog, how should I write it, what topic should I write about. Is writing personal things will get people attentions and those sorts of questions coming in my mind. Also, if I write things about how hard life is, what would people think about it?

Then I found these soothing words from Casey Leigh blog, “Why I Blog”,
“We are all different and have been through different things, believe different things..”

“Don’t hold onto it”

So even though am very bad at words, especially since I stop writing since I had my first baby, which has been more than five years now, and a very bad English, I should keep forcing my self to be passionate, serious with things around me. Because I am the type of person who easily get bored with things, who always left things unfinished and till now, I don’t even now what to do when I grow up! Still figuring it out tho.. 🙂

You can find Casey blog here


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