I am not a native English speaker. I learnt English since I was in junior high school, so counting that that should be fourteen years now I know English. Yet I just heard that “resurrection” word from a film drama I recently watch. It’s not the only word I haven’t heard, there are far more so many others I haven’t and am pretty sure am not sure what they mean.

So resurrection means the act of rising from the dead or returning to life. Got it from the free dictionary.

This film is about ( I haven’t watched the whole story yet, just watched the first two episodes) dead family members returning as if not a day’s gone by just like the meaning of the title.

So this first two episodes, even though am not sure what it is about yet, made me cry (a bit). Only because it reminds me of my dad. He passed away three years ago.

I know it is something impossible, and am not the kind of person who believes in that kind of things. But still, sometime I would think, selfishly, it would be nice isn’t it? One more chance, to see and to be with the person you love.

My dad passed away when I was in Australia, so I was not there,
to see him,
to hold his hands,
to say goodbye.
And I haven’t seen him for two years.

And the worse thing is, he passed away, the day I was on the way to the airport to come home. He was not sick. It happened all of the sudden.

Every now and then, when I see an elderly man,
When I see someone spending time with their dad,
When I see my kids with my husband,
When I see myself,
The memory I have with him just pop up.
Most of the time it makes me cry.
I wish he was here.

Only prayers can keep me close to him.


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