I Blog Everyday!

I am feeling very silly right now, because I have been writing (most of my last posts) about how I am going to improve my blog, how I am going to write everyday and how to keep my blog going, and how I always run out of ideas, don’t know how to write well (especially English is not my native language),you know, that kind of things. But in the end it always turn out I stop posting for the whole weeks or month ( after me promising am going to blog everyday).
So, today, just now, I was lying on the bed, having my time out because I was being not nice to the kids ( I guess it’s my excuse to have me time), and suddenly I was saying to myself, I want to be a blogger! So I search on the internet, I googled, “how to be a blogger”. And as you can guess, so many links that gives good tips! But in the end, they all comes to one conclusion, blog everyday. No matter how many lines, no matter what topics, no matter no readers, blog everyday. It will keep the blogging pulse going.

And now, I am going to say it loud,


So please bear with me, be my advocates, I really want to do it. Really. I’ll get there, to be a good blogger.

I should pat myself on the back for doing this.


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