Random Act of Kindness

Today is September 1st, for some people, it is just a normal day, for others it could be very memorable date. But in New Zealand, today is Random Act of Kindness Day or RAK when people are doing, celebrating, and encouraging the act of kindness. One small good act, can make people happy. One small good act, can change people life.

“Every act of kindness is a charity” (Bukhari, Muslim)

We can do so many good, small and quick things, not just a day, everyday to people around us. Like saying “have a good day!”, lend a hand, forgive, even technology is making it easy for us to stay connected to people who are far away from us. We can greet out family, relatives and friends. We can say hello to them, asking how their day was. Sometime, some people need people to just say hello to them, make them know that they are remember. Just like me, I need that, it helps soothe the bad mood day 🙂

So let’s all celebrate random act of kindness day, everyday.

I wish we could have an official one in Indonesia and around the world.


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