How I Use Facebook

I have known facebook since 2006 i think. But at that time, i was still very active using my friendster. If you are an internet user during those times, you must know what in the world friendster was. Now there are times of me questioning, how come friendster just disappear totally from someone life after using it like 26 hours of your daily life ( i seriously did!). So at that time, i was not planning on joining facebook at all. When i returned to indonesia, i had internet problem. So barely checking emails, let alone friendster. Also i was teaching at that moment (that required no internet at all), so i didnt really bother about those things. Then when we went to Australia, far away from home and friends again, and my friendster friends are all gone (some i dont know where they are, some but i think most of them just moved to facebook) i decided to join facebook to keep in touch. Again, just like friendster, i was so addictive at first. And as a new mom, staying at home in a new surrounding, my time revolved around house and facebook. Chatting to this friend and that, posting what i did, and sharing a lot of pictures. Now, as the time passed by, all I do is just reading what people posted, sometimes i shared what they are sharing if i found it interesting. Also I keep facebook less personal as I deleted a lot of picture that I used to post. For me now, facebook is a good source of news, any kind of news, conclude in just log in to facebook.


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