Why Homeschool?

This post may subject to change as i am not sure why I decided to homeschool my children, as for now.

Today was our first day doing it, and I didn’t even know what I was doing to them. And I kept questioning myself, am I ruining their life? Am I doing it right? Or the biggest question is, can I do it?
For now, it’s only for preschooler and kindergarten level. And I already overwhelm with my own thoughts. We did survive the day, with me trying to be a better parent for them tho, but am not sure we survive well with the learning. Yet after all, what they need as kids is playing, right? And I think they got plenty of that today ( am trying to justify myself here ).

But one thing for sure that I can tell now is that am not ready for them to go to school yet. I either worry too much or i want them just for myself 😀


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