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Finally, after a very long first week of homeschooling, we met a family, in this very small town, who homeschool their children. They are my husband friends, they just moved here recently. Not really recently, but we can still call them new here, while we have been here for more than two years now. We actually ran into them a few months back but didnt really have a good chat. So yeah, today, we invited them to our house. Which made Miss K very excited because in our two years living here, i can count which my three fingers how many guests have been to our house who have the same age as her.

And they are aweseome!
Yes, i said it, they are totally awesome.

Which I am very glad to meet them, very excited to be their friend, and I cant wait to see them again. Am not being dramatic, its true. If there is a family that is perfect, they are! I know, I know, nobody its perfect. But in my motherhood experience in Indonesia especially in Aceh, also in my one week homeschooling experience ( can we even call it experience? ), they are good you know, really really good. I cant tell much about the dad as I chat too much with the mom. But she, the mom, she is waaayyy too patience. Maybe if we use too there it would havd negative meaning ( thats what i learned in my english class ) but she is very patience. The way she talks to her three kids is so peaceful and amazing. How she guides them to do things. How come there is such a person like that?.The impact we can see is on her kids, they are well-manner confidence smart kids. Thats how I want to be, thats how I want my kids to be ( better would be best! )

I know everybody is different, everebody is unique, thats include our children, doesnt mean we cant have samples for our goals. I want to hang out with her, I want my kids to hang out with her kids.

one of the tips to get smarter? : Have smart friends.


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