We Cannot Force Others To Change

I know, I have been really bad at this challenge, there are many days passed and I didnt blog. Still, am very proud of myself knowing that am still going, and I will keep going, slowly but sure ( hopefully I will move faster 😀 )

And I really want to share this quote which I happen to read today and like it so much,


“We can not force others to change. We can offerr them a possitive mental atmosphere where they have the possibility to change if they wish. But we can not do it for, or to, other people. Everyone is here to work out their own lessons, and if we fix it for them, then they will just go and do it again, because they have not worked out what they needed to do for themselves. All we can do is love them. Allow them to be who they are. Know thats the truth is always within them and that they can change at any moment they want”

Louise Hay


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