My Writing Problem


I love writing. I really do. When I was in junior high school, I had some pen pals. I knew them through books and magazines. Magazines or children books used to have readers’ photos and address. So I wrote to them. It was so fun, especially the day when the post-man came and delivered me replied letters. That is one of the things I miss the most since technology is getting better and better. Anyway, usually I wrote long letters. Then when I was in senior high, instead of studying, I spent a lot of time writing stories, any kind. I had a diary too. I also did some writing competitions. I won second place, the prize was a trohpy, some cash and a certificate, which made me so happy. I remember, during exams, when I got stuck in answering all those questions, I wrote poems. Now I cant even think of doing it anymore. It is not ideas that I am lacking of, i got plenty of them, but the thing is, i dont know how to write my ideas down. Putting word by word. Explaning it the way I imagine it. It is just so hard. Most of the time it is unbelievably hard. And now I am stuck. Ha! I guess I should go back to sleep!


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