Writing 101 : Unlock The Mind


I was not planning to write anything at the moment actually. But then I open my blog, just having a good look before going back to bed. Its 3 hours before sunrise here. I woke up to study because am doing an online course and there are assignments for this week and i was planning to do it. I was soo sleepy. This is my biggest problem in studying. Next time if I want to focus I guess I should not take a nap, otherwise I’ll get sleepy easily. Anyway, when I checked my blog, i was surprised to see I have writing 101 : the commons there. You must understand what I am talking about if you are joining this writing course too. To be honest, I still do not really understand how this writing thing works. I read some people posts,still could not get it. I guess am not a quick learner. But the good thing is I am willing to learn ( cheers for myself! ). So I have to write for 20 minutes, huh? Thats mean no matter what I write, no matter how many words I write, as long as its 20 minutes, that means i am doing my job, am I right? And I keep looking at the ticking clock, 11 minutes has passed ( how comes it is taking too long to be 20 minutes? ) i guess am running out of ideas, thats why it feels the time is going so slow.

By the way, this 20 minutes write reminds me of the 20 minutes lists I have for my daily progression. Here is the list :
– learn French ( a big fan )
– clean the house
– Al-quran recital ( am muslim )
– Exercise
– And of course, this writing course.

The lists above are not in order, I usually do them between my mothering life and my studying life.

Yeay! Its 20 minutes already!


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