Writing 101 : Just a View

It was summer holiday when I got on the bus to a place I havent heard before. In fact, I cant even remember the name of that small town. In my mind, everytime I try to remember this place, I got mix up with another one. Another trip to another town by another bus. It was my first trip, still, I cant tell which one. It took a while to get there. The both trips.
Peanuts. Yeah I remember peanuts very well. I love peanuts. On one trip, I bought peanuts at a store near the bus station before I got on the bus. But on the other one, I really wanted peanuts but I could not find a store.
In between the journey, the bus stop at a cafe for a rest. I bought an egg sandwich. It was raining. I went to the bathroom. I dont remember much about the trip as I was sleeping, trying not to puke. Bus and me do not go really well.
In between journey, the bus stop somewhere, there was fruit market. I remember apples and mandarins. They were so cheap I wanted to buy them but I did not. I went to the bathroom again.
When I got off the bus. The first thing I saw was the very beautiful view of the sea. The long sandy beaches. Now I now where I was. I was in Bay of Plenty. In a town called Tauranga. One of the most beautiful place I have ever been.


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