The Pursuit of Hope


…And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…. ~Paulo Coelho

I do not know why, I always love to start a post with a picture. And quote, it makes thing perfect. It just give a whole bunch of inspiration.
Yesterday, hubby went away for a work trip, so it is only three of us at home at the moment. So when we woke up this morning, somehow I felt we were a bit loss. Usually when we wake up D will follow daddy everywhere, I will get up and get breakfast ready, K will continue her sleep if nothing interests her going on. I know hubby is barely home, but this morning there was something slightly different. The three of us, the kids and me, getting out of bed at the same time. I did not even prepare breakfast, I just wandered around the house. Finally settled checking my phone. Kids were lying down in front of the TV (without turning it on, tho). After half an hour thinking what to do, I finally have a gut to make brownies (that I have been thinking to make for quiet a while). Today I wanted to make fudge brownies, I havent made it for years (I usually make the kind that so moist inside- out coz I already mastered it). But today I wanted it a little crunchy outside. So I googled it and found sally baking addiction blog. She got a lot of amazing recipes and I found just perfect for my liking.
I didnt know whats wrong with me, I burned the brownies. That story ended there. I dont want to talk about it now.
Since the brownies did not work, and we need to eat and I was so lazy to make anything else, I decided to make omellette.


How on earth can I burned an egg???
Omellette is just egg and I burned it!
I told you I was lost!
And I am not talking about burned egg anymore now.

Its monday, the first day of December, and am having a bad day. Trying to think possitive, I kept reminding myself that it is just a bad day, it is not a bad life. So I continue doing what I supposed to do on monday, which is cleaning the house day. Monday for us is watching day for kids while I am doing all the house work.
While my positive and negative aura kept battling inside of me,
D said ; “mommy, you didn’t make nice food today.”
I said nothing but smile on my face appeared.
Then when K showed up with tiara and big hair clipper on her head asking me does she look beautiful or not. I did not want to say she looked ugly, instead I said, “I like it with just tiara on..”
She smiled.
Then I added, “that hair clipper looks silly!”
“mommy!!!” she said and laughed.

They just made my day. Giving me hope and inspired me in their own way.
Remember, there is always something good out of bad things.


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