The Day I Turn 27


Hello again, blogging people. Recently, I have been thinking about just moving forward, trying to put the past in the past (but it keep clinging,tho). I am saying this because I am the type of person who keep thinking about my past. This time, I am planning on being more persistent (again!) in doing it. Especially after a talk with my little family on the day I turned 27, which was two days ago. I want to pursue/be serious with my photography project. As amateur as I can be, I want to be better at it.
Well, I do not write eloquently yet, but I am working on it.

The picture above was taken when we went  to Teuku Umar (one of Acehnesse Hero) graveyard site. The place was so shady, big trees all over the place and very humid as well. That was leaf falling on the stairs as we climbed up the stairs on our way out.

Wishing you guys a lovely day.


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