Lesson From Children

I am not saying that I am always a happy person. There are times where my mood has been ups and downs. But we can learn to be happy just by looking at children. Because they do not have any problem to carry on in their life…yet. They are living in the moment. Enjoying every bit of what life offers them. They do cry, get cranky or upset. It is human. But a cuddle and a treat will sweep away all the troubles.

The image above was taken when I was taking pictures of people flying kites in my village. When I came that day, the kites were already flying high so I missed the moment, so I took pictures of the small children watching kites instead. The first time I shoot for their pics, they were all like “what is she doing?”, they walked away or just being shy. So I started talking to them and making silly jokes, which I am not good at. I also showed them their images from my camera. And then they won’t stop and asked for more pictures to be taken. Here, I asked to to say “Ayam”, it means chicken in English. You can spy chickens being the background of this image 😀


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