The Talk about Bali 9

Moon in the cage

The other day, the day after the “Bali 9” execution, I told hubby how I felt about it. The death sentence to be precise.

I know what they did was wrong. But as human, I think what happened to them just not right. They should be forgiven. They do not have to be freed, but at least, let them live. To be rude, just let them get rotten behind bars. I do not know them. I only heard and read about them from the news. And they say, they have became better people. They made mistakes. Everyone does. And theirs were big. So they got punished, they have lived their 10 years in prison. And they have changed. Why do they have to be executed?

Hubby just nod, in agreement. But then he said, But why did they do it the first place? They knew what they did was wrong. They knew that it was illegal. So they should have known the law in Indonesia too. If they were caught smuggling those things here, they would be punished. And the punishment was their lives.

But (again) do they have to be executed?

They did what they did. If people pity them because of how the media exposed them, they are a lot of other people out there who were punished for the thing they did not do. People being tortured for no reason at all. And many more. But nobody speak up to them because no media published or tell their stories. While this case is so booming, everybody paid a lot of attention to it. But it does not change the fact what they did. It will not change the law either. Imagine if the Bali 9 sentences were reduced to life imprisonment, there will be more people smuggling heroin. The rule/law is there to protect people. To make people not do the things that are unacceptable or forbidden. Do not come to Indonesia with heroins/drugs if you are afraid to die.

Yeah, it’s true…

Ps. The image above was taken in the early morning after the “blood moon” a few weeks back in Banda Aceh.


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