Daily Routines

On our third day living in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia (you already know i guess), I started to make a habit of Jogging every morning at 5.30. The first reason when I started jogging, I just want to loose some excess fat of eating too much after staying for a month with our parents (the good thing yet bad as well is that mom cook really yummy food and I just could not stop eating ). To be honest, I am not the kind of person who really concern about my look, the thing is, when I have those excess fat here and there, I start to feel not comfortable. I weight never below 50kg, so I am not skinny or fat, just average.

The second reason why I wanted to jog was because when we lived in Aceh, my husband jogged everyday. and I envy him for that. He looked so fit and fresh. And the last reason was because I already bought running shoes, I could not stand seeing them just sitting in the shoe rack.

So here I am, we have been here in Jakarta for three months now and I haven’t stop jogging since then. It feels so good especially the feeling after    I finished running. It’s like “yeay!! I did it!”. I run for 7km for an hour, it is a big step for me because I never imagine I can run for 1km before. I even started my first week just walking. Now the main reason is not because I want to loose weight or anything, I just want to have that excited feeling that I have completed doing something. And loosing weight is the bonus. But I did not loose anyweight I think, I just don’t feel guilty anymore about eating too much 😘 (sometimes).

Now since I have a daily routine, it makes me less procrastinating. I am not going to explain here how good I am at procrastinating, it will be a long story, I would be winning the golden challenge on this area. You can just picture it by seeing how slow my blog moves. Anyway, I started to have more good things than I was before, and those good things become my daily routines and now they are just like habits. And I feel so good about myself lately.

You see, when you start doing good thing, regularly, continually, not worrying about the result, just do it, you will create yourself another opportunities, another chance that you did not see it was there. Small step but everyday. It does me good and I am sure it will do you good too.

The repetition itself, becomes the most important things ~Haruki Murakami


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