Life in Jakarta pt. 1

The first things that really impress us while we got to stay where we are staying now, on the 15th floor of an apartment was, that we can watch the city from our window just right in our bedroom. until now, it is still our favorite thing to do. We can see the street below, cars passing, people walking by, and sometime we can see people working in the building across the street. It never stop to amazes us. 

   The busy city. I think the city never sleep with people going on and on with their things.
We love to see the sunrise too.

And drink cafe au lait while we are at it.  

And eat Acehnese traditional food made by mom when she visited us few weeks back. it calls Timphan. 

And see helicopters passing by. Please kindly ignore the dirty window, it is hard work to clean it up. 

And last one, take good pictures with beautiful window light. i love window light.



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