A Peek Inside Rohingya’s Temporary Shelter in Aceh

This maybe a very late post, but prayers for them and other people like them will never stop, especially with the ongoing issues about migrants. 

We were at my in-law’s place when one morning just after breakfast we heard the front gate was being pulled (it makes a really loud sound as the wheels already rusty and need to be oiled, but it wont be necessary because loud gate makes the home owner aware that someone is coming) and then we heard someone said “Assalamualaikum…” in a female voice. My sister in-law got the door and a lady looked casually neat greeted all of us again with a smile. Anyway, she came to ask for any kind of donation for Rohingya’s migrant who just arrived in here, Kuala Simpang (Aceh Tamiang) last night. Donation could be money, food or clothes. That’s how we knew about the news. And as curious as I can get, we visited them at their temporary shelter near Aceh Tamiang’s district office. At that time, the place was still open for public. So many people came to just have a look or brought some food or clothes. And we found out later that day the place was only open for medical teams and volunteer. Also if you came with some donation, you were allowed to come in.

  The entrance. Curious people including children around the neighborhood come to have a look.
  A man carrying used clothes to donate.

  A pile of clothes.

  A man from Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is about to check on the migrants.


  Just a peek -praying for a better life.

  Some friendships start over a cigarette. 

  Sleepless nights in the sea. 

  I talked to her in my limited sign language, she said they were in the sea for almost three months.

  Despite what they had been trough, they are so nice and friendly. 

  Not holiday at all.

  The boy shares crackers he got with the neighborhood children who come to have a look at them. “The best people are the ones who give when they are in less.”


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