Repetition is Good

There is a saying that say, the more you excercise, the more you eat.

Well, it is very true for me, now I jog everyday in the morning, sometimes only four kilos and sometimes I can go seven kilos.  But after jogging, when all the heat cool down, the muscles relax and the heart beats in normal pace, I crave for food more and more. My mouth will keep eating nonstop. I feel like I can chew on almost everything.

I knew some friends, who went to the gym everyday but then after the gym, they eat big meals. And I always wondered, there is no point of them going to the gym if they are eating those food afterward. They will not loose weight, instead they will gain more.

Yet I was all wrong, at least that is what I think now. I am imagining myself for instance, not going to the gym, but then eat big meals few times a day. I, not only gain more weight, I also put myself in danger of living a not healthy lifestyle. However, If I go to the gym then eat big meals, at least, I loose few carbs, just few. It may not be much and not count, but I help myself by not eating during those times when I excersice. Also, and this is the most important part, I build a good habit of doing good things, excersicing is good, especially if I do it routinely. And I am pretty much sure, it will lead to another good habit. Which is very true in my case.
Goals are important, yet if we do nothing about it, they are nothing as well. So is loosing weights or staying healthy, if we do not get ourself out there, do not move a single step, those goals will eventually fall apart. Don’t worry if you eat a lots afterwards, maybe its just a reward because you have worked hard in keeping up with good things. Tomorrow try again, and make sure to take few spoons away so you will eat less than yesterday.

nb: This is just a post for my weekly writing project to become good at writing. If you find it good, am glad. But if you find it such a mess, please kindly post your comments so I can improve. And don’t take it seriously. What on earth am I talking about?! Cheers!


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