What You Should Given Up If You Want to Succeed.

For me, basically, I have to give up everything. Because all the lists, the 25 of them are the things I have been living in. How bad does it sound? Well except number 20, I have given that one up a long time ago. Phew!

I read this piece from Business Insider here. You can find the full article there. But here I will just write you down the 25 things you should give up to succeed, I reckon to succeed in anything, because to be honest, all the list you are going to read are totally negative. *sigh* I have been living in such a negative life! I think I need more coffee ☕️


This is going to be a long list, so let’s bear it together.

1. Trying to be perfect

2. Playing small.

3. Faking it.

4. Waiting for luck  
5. Waiting for anything.

6. Needing approval 

7. Trying to do it alone.

8. Making empty promises.

9. Fixating on your weaknesses.

10. Blaming others.

11. Overlooking your negative thoughts.

12. Living in the past.

13. Trying to please everyone.

14. Small goals.

15. Holding on to grudges.

16. Avoiding change.

17. Trying to never make a mistake.

18. Saying “I can’t ”

19. Minimizing yourself.

20. Gossiping.

21. Staying down.

22. Complaining.

23. Spending time with negative people.

24. Comparing yourself  with others.

25. Thinking you can’t make a difference.

Please read the original piece.


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