Things To Do For New Yorker This Fall
How amazing is that picture!! All credits go to the link above. Because that picture is not mine. But that picture make me want to buy ticket and fly right away to New York. *sigh* I have to save a lot first.

While in Indonesia there are only two seasons, dry and wet season (but at some places it is either dry too often or wet too much lately, thanks to global warming!), I will be lying if I say I do not envy the four seasons country. But today I am not going to talk about how envious I am neither I am going to talk about season. I, by any chance just read an article from Business Insider Indonesia, and there is an article about 38 things every New Yorker should do this fall. That is a lot of things to do in one city. I have never been to New York, I wish one day I will. It is one of the city that I would love to visit if I have a chance and fortune. Hopefully it will be pretty soon. Amin to that!

I guess everyone knows that New York is one of the most populous city in the United States. Also from Wikipedia it says that New York is one of the most populous urban agglomerations. It is a new word for me, I have never heard that word before, let alone know what it mean, and also hard to pronounce indeed. So I am giving you the link to understand the meaning yourself. Hmm.. I wonder whether Jakarta can be called urban agglomerations.

Anyway, I am pretty sure New York is an amazing city and if you are New Yorker or outsiders who happen to be in New York this fall and have no idea what to do or where to go when you have leisure times, check this out. I am sure you will be having wonderful time. I wish I can be there!


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