20 Minutes Macaroni Get Away Recipe

We have been making this many times lately. as cooking time was always so tigh around here. Usually, the children will shouted “I am hungry!!”  before I am ready to cook because it is not time for dinner or lunch yet. But with children who can control their tummy? they do not even care about lunch at this time and dinner at that time. What they do know is, when they are hungry, they are hungry. And when it is lunch time or dinner time again, they might not even want to eat anymore. So when it comes to that, I always make this one, or if I am to lazy to cook anything else, I will always come back to this.

The pic does not do the taste justice!

Basically, I threw everything in what I have in the fridge in here, vegies or chicken, and if I do not have anything else, Onion, tomatoes, garlic and little bit cheese is a must.

Nb: Before preparing other ingredients, the first thing to do is to boil the pasta first. Make sure to strain the pasta 3 minutes before the package instruction. Do not throw the water from the boiled pasta away.


250gr macaroni pasta, or any kind of pasta you have in your pantry would be really fine.

Half brown onion. Diced.

3 pcs gralic. Diced.

3 whole medium tomatoes. Diced.

 A handful cheddar cheese or as desired.

Any kind of vegetables, Spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, capsicum. Diced.

100gr chicken fillet. Diced.

2tbs of oil, or butter.

Brown pepper and salt for seasoning.


While the pasta is being cooked, diced all the ingredient (as stated). Pour oil or butter in the pan until its hot and throw the diced onion and garlic, stir until brown. Add chicken and diced tomatoes and stir for 2 minutes then add the  water from the boiled pasta and cook until the water boiled and thicken. Then add pepper and salt. Add vegetables. cook until the vegetable almost tender (depens on what kind of vegies, spinach will do in less than 3 minutes). Finally add pasta and keep stirring so the sauce will get evenly and the pasta will cooked well. Mixed the cheese, stir for a minutes. Serve. Enjoy. And Relax.


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