Fill The Frame

When it comes to photography, I do not consider myself an amateur either because I am way too far to be an amateur yet. So let alone to be a pro. But what I can say much about my photography is I am getting better. 

Anyway, I believe many people are on instagram now. And if you head over there, this week weekly prompt is #whpfilltheframe. The thing about prompt or challenge is, it makes you do things better. Here we talk about photography, so we get better in taking pictures. We are trying to think about a way of taking picture that suited the prompt. 

Me, when I heard about #whpfilltheframe prompt, what came to my mind was, I should take picture that fill every side of the frame. The whole frame should be full of picture, no negative space. Like this one;

If you see the picture above, the rectangle frame is full, it is covered by the leaves, the bokeh, and the main subject in the middle. No space left. 

However, that is not what fill the frame mean ( I can say this after reading some articles, I will give you the links later).

Fill the frame means simply take a picture of your subject without any distraction. In the picture above, the subject is the red flower, but our eyes are distracted by the leaves and bokeh view. In the fill the frame term, we only need to focus on the red flower without anything else. So we need to move closer to take it.

Here is a sample. I have not take many picture in the fill the frame term yet. And I am planning to learn more.


So the tips for taking filling the frame pics are :

1. Zoom in.

2. Move closer to your object

3. Crop your shot.

Not all pictures should be taken by filling the frame. We will discuss about that next time.

Feel free to correct me. I am ipen to any suggestions. 

Here are the links where you can read more, here and here.


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