At The Heart of The Big Durian

The first time I heard “the big durian” was from my husband. I did not know what it meant but I did not ask him either. At that time, I thought that just meant that this is, Jakarta, is a Durian city. There must be a lot of durian here. Also I thought he was the only one who call it that way. Then when I went to the coffee shop, I over heard someone talking on the phone (it was not my fault, he was talking so loud!) he said He is at the big durian city. Then with all my curiosity, I looked up on the internet and knew what it really means. phew! 

As you know, Jakarta is one of the most populous city in the world. It is one of urban agglomeration cities. Life here is so packed, busy, traffics everywhere, crowded. There is a big gap between poor and rich. I do not have to explain about pollution either, let alone the crime, you have to watch yourself out! But with all those negativities we heard, we see, we talk about, still people keep coming and most try to make a living here. Some say big cities provide a lot of money. Anyway, Jakarta is just like Durian, with the prickly skin and the smell. It is hate by some people but loved by many. So there goes the Big Durian!

It does not have to do with durian at all. The price of durian here is so expensive!

Here are just some random pics I took on Jakarta car free day every sunday. 



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