Easy Yellow Chicken Curry

When it comes to curry, my first thought was that it will be so complicated. I must not have all ingredients or it will take too long. And also if I do not cook it properly, it will not taste good. 

However, with this recipe I found on the internet, I will make sure (at least for me) that this chicken curry will taste good. I do not have all ingredients from the recipe that I got so I just put whatever I have.

Ingredients :

1 chicken cut 12. 

200ml coconut cream. Mix with one cup of water.

1 thumb-sized piece of galangal.

5 lime leaves.

2 bay leaves.

Cardamon pods (optional).

Star-anise (optional).

3 shallots. diced.

3 table spoons oil.

About 1 liter of water. depending on the type of chicken. some chicken will take a long time to soften.

Paste : 

10 shallots.

5 cloves garlic.

1 thumb-sized ginger.

4 candlenuts.

4cm fresh turmeric (you can substitute this with one teaspoon ground turmeric).

1 tablespoon ground corriander.

5 fresh red chilies or as desired.

salt for seasoning.


Lightly grilled the chicken on non stick pan. Turn to make sure all the side are brown. Prepare the paste while the chicken is on the heat. 

Blend all the ingredients for the paste with food processor or blender. Heat the oil in the pan and fry diced shallots, galangal, lime and bay leaves, cardamom and star anise until golden brown and smelling delicious. Add the paste, stir until the smell is really good and you can see oil coming out from the sauce.

Stir in the grilled chicken with the sauce for few minutes. Add water. When the sauce thicken and chicken is tender, pour in the coconut milk. Keep stirring gently to make sure the coconut milk does not over boiled and heated through. Serve. Enjoy. 

I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Source : http://nayla-resep.blogspot.co.id/2013/03/aneka-resep-dan-cara-membuat-gulai-ayam.html


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