Night Photos

Clear and clean sky is a rare thing to see in Jakarta. Especially with those pollution problem. So when the clouds were hanging so beautifully few nights ago, we really savor those moments. The kids slept later than they usually did. I took as many pictures as possible, despite the result was like 100:1. 

I did use tripod, like everyone suggest, tried high and low iso, tried different setting mode, Yet still I am not relly satisfied with the result. And for now the problem that I can figure out well is I hold the camera, when the camera was sticking to the tripod and was doing its job. 

I am using Nikon D90, nikkor 18-200mm. And here are the outcomes that I will not say I am proud of, but for now will do, and I am eager to learn more. any feedback will be really appreciated. 

The blurry shots I did them on purpose because I like the bokeh look. 






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