New Hope (My 500 words/1)

imageFor a thousand times, this post will make me laugh really hard. Not at anybody but at myself. Because I am joining the 500 words a day challenge. I am not laughing at the challenge, honest. I am laughing at how good I am at procrastinating. I am the champion. If there is ever be a game who procrastinate the most, I am pretty sure I will win. Especially when it comes to writing and on this term blogging included as well. I always have reason why I should not write or blog today, yesterday or maybe tomorrow. And one of the common reason is, I do not know what to write, what topic should I talk about or how to put my thought into words. In famous way saying it is that I am having writers blocks.

This was what happened yesterday. At 9 o’clock I went to a coffee shop, seriously I am a big fan of coffee. Therefore I went to the coffee shop. However, my main idea going there was not only for drinking coffee, I wanted to write. You know, one of many ways to get inspiration is to get out of the house, go to coffee shop and write your draft. So I did. I picked a table; order my favourite type of coffee which is latte (I do not really mind other types either, but if latte is an option I will take it, unless I am testing another flavour) get my laptop out and ready to type.

I was so confident, words kept flowing, one line, second line, third line, then I stopped in the middle of the fourth line. I did not know what word should come next. I thought for a moment. Then I took my ipad out and googled ‘how to overcome writers blocks’. One link caught my eyes. I read the article and felt it was so me. Also the last list was my favorite; it says, “you do not overcome writer’s block by reading articles on how to over come writer’s block.” It is so true. I could not agree more.

And that is why I am taking this challenge. I want to be good at writing. In order to be good at writing, I have to write. This challenge can become my schedule as well. Schedule is very powerful, that what makes keep you going. Which hopefully I will follow through until I reached 31 days or could be more. I am pretty sure I will do it because this time the force is strong.

If you want to join, feel free to do so. You can mention your blog in the comment and I will check you out.

This is my first post out of 31. I am so excited. Can’t wait to see how I will be going. No more writing procrastination. It ends now. What do writers do? Write.

The challenge is from goinswriter. I am so glad I found this.

See you tomorrow with another writing post. May the force be with me.





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