Easy but Sure – Goals (My 500 words/2)

Many many years ago, when I was still in high school I always imagined that at least three or four years after graduating, I would be a known writer. At that time, I did not really think about being famous, I just wanted to be known as writers. I would have published novels or essays or anything that got to do with writing. However now, twenty sixteen, more than four years already, and I am still stuck somewhere thinking that I am a writer to be yet I have never commit to writing serious and consistently.

That is about to change. One of the reason I am joining this challenge is to help me throw away the procrastination habit within me. Especially in writing. If for now my writing style deserved to be unread or skip, it is fine by me. Because for the next three day all I want to see is my commitment to this writing challenge. And if many people love to read it, I would be more than happy. Who do not want their writing to be read anyway right?!

Anyway, around a month ago last year, when the New Year was approaching, I thought about some goals I would start. And for now, I am pretty happy some already had a good start. Even though I happened to got “caught up” with sickness for almost two weeks, which made me unmotivated for a while.

I read James Clear book – Mastering Creativity -. There is a topic there about the difference between professionals and amateur.

I will just copy paste what it is written there because James Clear write so well, it made me want to cry because it was beautifully written:

“It does not matter what you are trying to become at, if you only do the work when you are motivated, then you will never be consistent enough to become a professional.

The ability to show up everyday, stick to the schedule and do the work _ especially when you do not feel like it – it is so valuable that it is literally all you need to become better 99% of the time.”

Professional stick to the schedule, amateurs let life get in the way. Professional knows what is important to them and work towards it with purpose, amateurs get pulled of course by the urgencies of life.”

 Because thinking about how hard it will be to stick to a yearlong goal, for now, I will just follow it for a month. Because they say, it takes 21 days or even a month to change a habit.


So here are my goals for this month:

* RUNNING: Run/jog at least 30 km for a week.


* PHOTOGRAPHY: Improving photography skills and techniques. Go out more to take pictures. Start a photography project

* READING: Read at least two books for this month.

* POSITIVE PARENTING: Be gentler, nicer – in the way I talk or respond to the kids. Also spent more time with kids than gadgets.

I am going to take it easy but sure.





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