Morning Routines (My 500 words/3)

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Benjamin Franklin.

It has been said that morning is the most crucial part of the day. It helps us to boost our productivity day. Also, most successful people like President Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Haruki Murakami (one of my favorite writer), and you name some, have morning routines. Those people do things that they rarely skip. Some even wake up earlier, before the craziness start.

As a stay at home mother, whom children are not yet in school, I am spending all my time with the kids. We stay at home, go for a walk, swim, play at the park, playing with toys, watching TV sometimes and also cooking. All those things are taking my time. The only time I have for myself is when I am in the bathroom and also when they are napping (that’s why I always make sure they are having their nap every single day. Napping also help them not getting cranky). If I want to be a writer, I do not have time to write. And that will make my procrastination side laughing out loud at me. And I am not going to make it happen. Not anymore.

So I made a habit of waking up earlier. It was a bit extreme though. I would go to sleep at eight and would wake up at 1 am. At first it was so hard, but I kicked it off with coffee and power napping for 30-40 minutes when the kids were napping. I did that for a month or so and I felt so good about myself. My favorite time of the day? It was 1 am in the morning.

I got up, went to the bathroom to make myself awake enough. I prayed midnight prayer. Made coffee and started writing (I make a writing project just to keep me writing and it is still going on up until now). Then I would jog for an hour. But then, some changes happened in the house and that made me fall into the deep hole again. Sigh.

Fortunately, somehow I managed to get out of that hole. I think it was my willpower that helps. I managed to get on track with the goals I am aiming at and the habit I am building up. Things happen, life gets in the way. It is normal, that is why we call it life.

Again, in his book Mastering Creativity, James Clear wrote:

“But stepping up when it is annoying or painful or draining to do so, that’s what makes you a pro. Professionals stick to the schedule; amateurs let life get in the way. Professionals know what is important to them and work towards it with purpose, amateurs get pulled off course by the urgencies of life.”

Now waking up early never felt better. It is the time I wait the most. When I can find myself alone and do the things that I love. Not that I do not love my family, you know what I mean right?!



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