Free Writing (My 500 words/4)

Because I join the 500 words a day challenge, everyday I have received email from Jeff Goins on what should I write each day. So today is about free writing. I guess when we hear free writing, we already know what it means, which is we can write anything, whatever comes to mind, continuously without worrying whether it has main topic, what the real idea of the writing or so. Even, maybe the most annoying part (yes I find this very annoying) is that we do not have to worry about the grammar, and the spelling. I find it annoying is just merely because, when we type our thoughts on the computer, the computer will recognize if we misspelled the words, or our sentence does not seem in grammatical order. I know we can change the setting not to do that but the thing is, for me, when I write, I tend to read back the lines that I have written in order to know, to make it easy for the next words to come. And when I see it I can not help myself not to fix it. I can not concentrate on the next words if that happens. Yeah, I am that kind of person. I am not saying I am perfect, I know my writing is still far from better. But yeah I just can’t help it. So no matter how I try to ignore it, I definitely will come back to that word pretty soon. That happens with this writing too.

Since making writing a daily habit, on whatever topic, I found myself thinking about words, lines or and idea of a story lately. And most of those words come to mind when I am lying down on the bed, ready to sleep. Sometimes, I have to get up, grab a pen and paper or my ipad just to write those words down. I know they may not mean anything, but putting them down make me feel better. Also those thoughts and words come to me when I jogged in the morning, and when this happen, for now, nothing I can do yet. I do not think it will be a good idea to stop and write it down. I just have to let it go and wish it will come again soon when I am not in the middle of doing things I can not stop.

Have you ever heard about copywriting? Sometimes, when I feel lost at words, when I have a thought in mind and do not know how to put them down in words, I will get a pen and paper ready, grab my favorite books that I have read over and over again just to get the idea on how those great writers write down the idea that almost everybody have in mind, that happens in everyday life beautifully. It helps in giving me inspiration, thinking like professional writers, that one day I will be just like him or even better.

Ps: Somehow when writing this I thought, those great writers, before they wrote their best novels, they did not blog about being great writer, did they?


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