Weekend Shots (1)

Here are some of my shots from wandering around the city two weeks ago. After a very long time finally I manage to get rid of all the not good ones (most of them 😳 I can not believe it! Better try harder next time!πŸ˜‚ ) 


Dusty morning light.
Hopped on the train with no certain destination in mind. But the sun was so beautiful. Look at the light!
Got off at Cikini station and met a friendly looking Bajaj driver . He gladly said yes for a pic.
No caption is a caption.
Selling brunch. The man was actually waiting for other vehicles to pass so he could cross the road.
A little green corner.
More street vendor trying to find a spot to sell their food.
Offering service to passing cars. Cat – Duco – Las – Ketok.
Surely their path did not cross.
I did not realise I already walk too far and I ended up getting on Ojek to catch the train home.
Taken from the Ojek. Almost reach Gondangdia train station.
All pics taken with D90 Nikkor 18-200 mm. There were my first shots trying with P setting,  800 Iso, auto white balance and continous mode. Some of the pictures were edited with snapseed then vsco presets. Some were vsco only. 


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