Not In My Shoes (My 500 words/6)

It is wrong what they say about the past, I have learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out.” _Khaled Hossaini

I was the second child in my family. I had three brothers and four sisters. We lived in a very small house that only had one room. The ten of us including our parents did all of our things there. We cooked, ate, studied and slept there. The bathroom was located outside of the house. Shared with one of our neighbors. My father rented a shop at the market and turned it into a coffee shop. Every morning, mom would make some cakes and took it to the shop for sale. We lived in a small town where most of the people did not have descent job. Most of us relied on rice field as our income. So father did not make a lot of money either. Many people would come, have coffee and eat cakes, but they would pay later. Later was a very uncertain word here. It could be tomorrow or god knows when.

Not like other children, we were never given money every time we left for school. Money was such a rare thing in our household. Especially with a lot of hungry kids. So after school, I decided to find a job, so I can have my own money. Usually, I would go to bus station and asked if they need any help with washing the bus. It was a tiring job but I really want to have money so I can save and buy some books. I never used the money I earn buying not necessary things.

As much as I enjoy working at the bus station, there are times when I just want to quit. So one day, when a friend of mine, I knew him from school, told me that he help some men getting the sand from the river near his house, I persuaded him to let me help too. He said yes on the spot. So I spent the next four days going in the river, get some sand, put it in the truck and repeat. The water in that river was so brown, more like milk tea. It made my body itchy and had rash. One day mom saw the rash and questioned me. I could not lie to her so I told her about that job. She was very mad and did not let me go back there anymore. I could not blame her, she was right. I was still so small, fourteen years old and spending time in the river, what was I thinking?

After that I went back to washing buses, I found more works that was not dangerous for a child my age. (To be continued)

Ps: I thought this prompt was pretty easy, especially when you put someone else’s shoes. I did not have to walk in my own path and worried about people judging me. However, it took me almost half an hour to figure out whose shoes should I take? So I figured out I just made it up, yet it is harder than just the thought.


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