What I Did Last Week (My 500 Words/8)

About five days ago, I wrote down goals that I would like to achieve this month. Basically, the way I count it is base on how many days have the 500 words challenge going. Since today is the eight-day, that means I have done the challenge a week already without skipping it. Well I did skip on the day-six, but I made it up afterward.

So here are the lists of what I did for the past week:

  • Running-Jogging-walking: I read an article somewhere that people need to walk about 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy, which mean around 8 km. So last year, at the end of the year, I decided to walk or jog 9 km in total. Also, for my goals this month, I should run at least 30 km a week. And I passed this week without procrastinating. I jogged six days last week from Sunday to Friday and took a rest on Saturday.
  • Write everyday: With this 500 words a day challenge, I managed being on the track. Like I said, I completed the challenge for a week already. The interesting thing about this challenge is that, even though it took times for me to write down my thought, regarding the prompt or not, I was so excited about it (and I am still now) and it is one of the thing I waited for everyday. Wondering what the next prompt would be. Yesterday, I did free writing and managed to put down 4000 words!
  • Reading: As much as I love reading book, with kids, finding the moment to enjoy time alone and read book I love is hard. So I am making a habit of reading 20 pages a day. And I took those time between being with kids, when they were too busy playing by themselves, between stirring the food that I cooked, when the kids were napping and also before I went to bed.
  • Positive Parenting: They say, when you realized that you are not a good mother, it means that you are a good mother. Yes, I may not be a good mother. When I am moody, I might not talk nice. I was less patient. Sometime treating the kids like they are adult. But kids are just kids, that is why they behave like one. Being a parent is hard, yet there lies the challenge of life. The life that I choose of being parent. As parents I should be a role model for them because their first life lesson begins at home with me. The past few months and that including last week, I am pretty sure I have changed. Not much yet. But I am already on the track and am planning to keep going.

I remember reading an article, I think it was from Time magazine, I forgot the title so I can not find a link for it. It goes more or less like this (or this is how I see it), making a list of what we did is better because it give us the idea of what we have accomplished and by that, it gives us a sense of achievement. This feeling helps increase our productivity, which will make us a happy and better person.




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