But First, Coffee

My love affair with coffee began when I was having my second child. Before that, I did not like coffee neither tea. I can’t remember why I didn’t like them. I tried, but I just could not stand myself drinking coffee or tea. If I visited someone’s house, I always asked for just water before they served any other drinks (usually tea is an option). However now, whenever I can, I will ask for coffee.

Recently, since I knew that Robusta and Arabica taste really different, especially regarding what it does to my body, I am way more into Robusta than Arabica. I am so convinced that Robusta can wake the dead. Especially since it contains more caffeine than Arabica. However, apparently in Jakarta, in most good coffee shops (as if i have been to so many places 😜 ) I have been since we are here, they do not serve Robusta, only Arabica. Yeah,ok fine by me. Just for the sake of drinking coffee. 








ps: I have decided I am not going to post all my writing regarding my 500 words a day challenge. I supposed since the challenge is just my freewriting, I will just do it but not posting anymore on the blog.  


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