50mm vs 35mm

Just stopping by to say hi. 

Few months ago, I badly, desperately craving to buy 50mm lens for my Nikon D90. Because you know what they say about that lense right??. As an amateur, having that lens is like a dream come true. But I am being patient enough to have more saving before buying it. I know, I know, it’s cheap. Still it’s a lot of money for me. Especially family with kids, we need more to consider about. 

So in the meantime while I am being so patient and using what I already have, I fall in love with street photography. So now I am considering about buying 35 mm lens. I guess it is God’s way in showing me the path. 

Anyway, I haven’t landed a finger on both lenses, only heard and read what people say about the lenses that they are basically the same. So I found this article really help. Please do read the comments too. 


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