Kite Runner Series (1)

Last year, I took a lot of pictures, I figure it almost one thousand pics, of people playing kite in my village. The neighbourhood boys, mostly children, some men, came to watch and play the kite. The boys who were playing, running, picking the kites up were not owning the kites. They just played for other people’s kites.

What I regret about these pictures is that somehow I think I did not did enough to make them better pictures. I had no knowledge of how to make interesting pictures. On my mind, at that time, all I wanted to do was taking picture. The urge to capture the moment, the urge to capture strangers, the urge to just go out there and see what happen. I knew little about composition, angle, rule of third and the worst was the focus point. From those hundreds pictures I took, I had to omit more than half of them. Oh well, what can you do right?

But because of that mistakes I made, I am learning a lot now. So I am sharing some that I think worth sharing even though I am not really satisfied with them.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset



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