Watch What You Drink

Especially the one with sugars. You know what sugar does to our waist line, right? I used to drink tea and coffee with sugars. In my hometown, we serve really sweet tea and coffee. Also, in the place where We used to live in, they serve sugar drink. What I meant by sugar drink is, they caramelised the sugar until really brown and add water to it. The taste, I bet you know already, sweet like heaven. 

This is a pretty interesting article on how much calories in our drink and what it does to our bodies. So next time we drink, we know what we are doing. 


Kite Runner Series (3)

As I said before, I took more than 500 pictures. All pictures from part 1-3 are only taken in one day. So more to come after this.


Kite Runner Series (part 2)

All of the pictures in this series I took in the afternoon after 4pm. Usually they started to fly the kites around half past four. But sometimes the weather was not so promising, it rained and also the wind did not cooperate with the kites. 

The pics are not necessarily in order.

All pics were edited using vsco. More from this series to come. 

Kite Runner Series (1)

Last year, I took a lot of pictures, I figure it almost one thousand pics, of people playing kite in my village. The neighbourhood boys, mostly children, some men, came to watch and play the kite. The boys who were playing, running, picking the kites up were not owning the kites. They just played for other people’s kites.

What I regret about these pictures is that somehow I think I did not did enough to make them better pictures. I had no knowledge of how to make interesting pictures. On my mind, at that time, all I wanted to do was taking picture. The urge to capture the moment, the urge to capture strangers, the urge to just go out there and see what happen. I knew little about composition, angle, rule of third and the worst was the focus point. From those hundreds pictures I took, I had to omit more than half of them. Oh well, what can you do right?

But because of that mistakes I made, I am learning a lot now. So I am sharing some that I think worth sharing even though I am not really satisfied with them.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset


What I Did Last Week (My 500 Words/8)

About five days ago, I wrote down goals that I would like to achieve this month. Basically, the way I count it is base on how many days have the 500 words challenge going. Since today is the eight-day, that means I have done the challenge a week already without skipping it. Well I did skip on the day-six, but I made it up afterward.

So here are the lists of what I did for the past week:

  • Running-Jogging-walking: I read an article somewhere that people need to walk about 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy, which mean around 8 km. So last year, at the end of the year, I decided to walk or jog 9 km in total. Also, for my goals this month, I should run at least 30 km a week. And I passed this week without procrastinating. I jogged six days last week from Sunday to Friday and took a rest on Saturday.
  • Write everyday: With this 500 words a day challenge, I managed being on the track. Like I said, I completed the challenge for a week already. The interesting thing about this challenge is that, even though it took times for me to write down my thought, regarding the prompt or not, I was so excited about it (and I am still now) and it is one of the thing I waited for everyday. Wondering what the next prompt would be. Yesterday, I did free writing and managed to put down 4000 words!
  • Reading: As much as I love reading book, with kids, finding the moment to enjoy time alone and read book I love is hard. So I am making a habit of reading 20 pages a day. And I took those time between being with kids, when they were too busy playing by themselves, between stirring the food that I cooked, when the kids were napping and also before I went to bed.
  • Positive Parenting: They say, when you realized that you are not a good mother, it means that you are a good mother. Yes, I may not be a good mother. When I am moody, I might not talk nice. I was less patient. Sometime treating the kids like they are adult. But kids are just kids, that is why they behave like one. Being a parent is hard, yet there lies the challenge of life. The life that I choose of being parent. As parents I should be a role model for them because their first life lesson begins at home with me. The past few months and that including last week, I am pretty sure I have changed. Not much yet. But I am already on the track and am planning to keep going.

I remember reading an article, I think it was from Time magazine, I forgot the title so I can not find a link for it. It goes more or less like this (or this is how I see it), making a list of what we did is better because it give us the idea of what we have accomplished and by that, it gives us a sense of achievement. This feeling helps increase our productivity, which will make us a happy and better person.



Life is Like Scrabble (My 500 Words/7)

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” _ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Maybe at the time when I was young and vulnerable, I heard so much of that quote that I buried myself in the piles of my own world. Twenty years is such a long time and I was pretty sure that by the time it reaches twenty years, I would be busy with something else. And again to go back to those twenty years is such a long long miles.

What I did not know was, regret or the disappointment feelings that I have for not doing the things that I should have done do not come in twenty years time. It comes right after that moment has gone. Vanished from my sight. Puff! Just like that. And the worse part is, the thought that it was just a moment away. It is not ten or twenty years. It is just a slightly moment. I can still feel it, but it is out of my reach.

Isn’t it funny that life gives us options, in everything we do. Whether it is just a yes or no, left or right, black and white or more. There is no such thing as no option. When we say “what else should I do? Do I have any other option?” of course there is an option! Not doing it is an option, even when no matter what we do will give the same result. At least we did not do or at least we did it.

Besides, nobody can predict their own life, let alone other people’s lives. How could we know that this decision will make us not regret it later on? Or vice versa? If we choose the vice versa, will it make us happy too?

That how life is, no matter what we do, there is always something that we will regret. Because we never know what the outcomes will be unless we do it.

I like to say life is like a game of scrabble. Sometimes it is about luck because you do not know what letters you will get from the box. And you have to make the most of whatever letters you have. Sometimes good letters, sometimes they just cannot make any word. Yet those letters they have the biggest value. Imagine you have Q, Y, Z among other letters. They are so tricky to think of yet valuable. The thing is, whatever happen, whatever path we took, we should not give up, we should not lose hope. Just like the game of scrabble, if your letters are not making any words, throw them back in the box and get a new one. And if your life is not making any sense today, start again tomorrow.

“There is a way to be good again.”_Khaled Hossaini

 Ps: Somehow I feel this writing is running away from the real topic. I guess free writing is really happening here. No matter what, the quote is true in its own way and it is one of my favorite.



Weekend Shots (1)

Here are some of my shots from wandering around the city two weeks ago. After a very long time finally I manage to get rid of all the not good ones (most of them 😳 I can not believe it! Better try harder next time!😂 ) 


Dusty morning light.
Hopped on the train with no certain destination in mind. But the sun was so beautiful. Look at the light!
Got off at Cikini station and met a friendly looking Bajaj driver . He gladly said yes for a pic.
No caption is a caption.
Selling brunch. The man was actually waiting for other vehicles to pass so he could cross the road.
A little green corner.
More street vendor trying to find a spot to sell their food.
Offering service to passing cars. Cat – Duco – Las – Ketok.
Surely their path did not cross.
I did not realise I already walk too far and I ended up getting on Ojek to catch the train home.
Taken from the Ojek. Almost reach Gondangdia train station.
All pics taken with D90 Nikkor 18-200 mm. There were my first shots trying with P setting,  800 Iso, auto white balance and continous mode. Some of the pictures were edited with snapseed then vsco presets. Some were vsco only.