Misc Pics From Folder

Uh oh, this is pretty much on my instagram account. Funny, interesting yet so true. You guys should check out the link.

 So I better share the pictures I took from the nature then. That I was happen to be there/here without possesing anything or traveling anywhere😁  What I did was just take my camera out and pressed the clicking button. 







Kite Runner Series (3)

As I said before, I took more than 500 pictures. All pictures from part 1-3 are only taken in one day. So more to come after this.


Kite Runner Series (part 2)

All of the pictures in this series I took in the afternoon after 4pm. Usually they started to fly the kites around half past four. But sometimes the weather was not so promising, it rained and also the wind did not cooperate with the kites. 

The pics are not necessarily in order.

All pics were edited using vsco. More from this series to come. 

Kite Runner Series (1)

Last year, I took a lot of pictures, I figure it almost one thousand pics, of people playing kite in my village. The neighbourhood boys, mostly children, some men, came to watch and play the kite. The boys who were playing, running, picking the kites up were not owning the kites. They just played for other people’s kites.

What I regret about these pictures is that somehow I think I did not did enough to make them better pictures. I had no knowledge of how to make interesting pictures. On my mind, at that time, all I wanted to do was taking picture. The urge to capture the moment, the urge to capture strangers, the urge to just go out there and see what happen. I knew little about composition, angle, rule of third and the worst was the focus point. From those hundreds pictures I took, I had to omit more than half of them. Oh well, what can you do right?

But because of that mistakes I made, I am learning a lot now. So I am sharing some that I think worth sharing even though I am not really satisfied with them.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset


50mm vs 35mm

Just stopping by to say hi. 

Few months ago, I badly, desperately craving to buy 50mm lens for my Nikon D90. Because you know what they say about that lense right??. As an amateur, having that lens is like a dream come true. But I am being patient enough to have more saving before buying it. I know, I know, it’s cheap. Still it’s a lot of money for me. Especially family with kids, we need more to consider about. 

So in the meantime while I am being so patient and using what I already have, I fall in love with street photography. So now I am considering about buying 35 mm lens. I guess it is God’s way in showing me the path. 

Anyway, I haven’t landed a finger on both lenses, only heard and read what people say about the lenses that they are basically the same. So I found this article really help. Please do read the comments too. 

But First, Coffee

My love affair with coffee began when I was having my second child. Before that, I did not like coffee neither tea. I can’t remember why I didn’t like them. I tried, but I just could not stand myself drinking coffee or tea. If I visited someone’s house, I always asked for just water before they served any other drinks (usually tea is an option). However now, whenever I can, I will ask for coffee.

Recently, since I knew that Robusta and Arabica taste really different, especially regarding what it does to my body, I am way more into Robusta than Arabica. I am so convinced that Robusta can wake the dead. Especially since it contains more caffeine than Arabica. However, apparently in Jakarta, in most good coffee shops (as if i have been to so many places 😜 ) I have been since we are here, they do not serve Robusta, only Arabica. Yeah,ok fine by me. Just for the sake of drinking coffee. 








ps: I have decided I am not going to post all my writing regarding my 500 words a day challenge. I supposed since the challenge is just my freewriting, I will just do it but not posting anymore on the blog.  

Weekend Shots (1)

Here are some of my shots from wandering around the city two weeks ago. After a very long time finally I manage to get rid of all the not good ones (most of them 😳 I can not believe it! Better try harder next time!πŸ˜‚ ) 


Dusty morning light.
Hopped on the train with no certain destination in mind. But the sun was so beautiful. Look at the light!
Got off at Cikini station and met a friendly looking Bajaj driver . He gladly said yes for a pic.
No caption is a caption.
Selling brunch. The man was actually waiting for other vehicles to pass so he could cross the road.
A little green corner.
More street vendor trying to find a spot to sell their food.
Offering service to passing cars. Cat – Duco – Las – Ketok.
Surely their path did not cross.
I did not realise I already walk too far and I ended up getting on Ojek to catch the train home.
Taken from the Ojek. Almost reach Gondangdia train station.
All pics taken with D90 Nikkor 18-200 mm. There were my first shots trying with P setting,  800 Iso, auto white balance and continous mode. Some of the pictures were edited with snapseed then vsco presets. Some were vsco only.